Heather Landex

Food Inclusivity Mentor

Speaker | International Best-selling Author

Trainer | Consultant in Food Safety

EHRB MSc Envi Health

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International Best Seller

A copy of Heather's book is available in several formats directly here (Online Flipbook, Audiobook (via Spotify) & Paperback(s)) or via Amazon

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Get in touch if you'd like more than one copy, coaching, consulting or to buy my online coaching & programmes which usually include a copy of the book. This purchase can be requested as a discount towards other programmes when bought direct. The recommended format is online flipbook & request the audiobook as a compliment.

The book comes with free resources:

  • Launch Party Replay with Expert Guests
  • Return On Investment Calculator by MCA
  • Links to useful resources
  • Bonus Book Content
  • The Ultimate Starter Masterclass

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