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Serve More, Risk Less, Earn More

Improve food inclusivity, specifically through a friendly well worded accurate informative food allergy disclaimer.

A food allergy disclaimer is a statement commonly found on a menu which often says something like:

"We have an open kitchen, if you have food allergies don't eat here, everything is in everything".

If it lists all 14 legally required allergens - it's often a red flag or identified as generic, so allergic customers either avoid the place or ignore the statement.

Perhaps it uses more technical language but food allergy disclaimers can be used to reduce risk & attract customers rather than attempt to repel the more "difficult" customers with dietary preferences.

Or rather than use a legal website's generic template, which may increase risk & confusion.

Who is this for?

Someone who works in or with food or hospitality & would like to learn & innovate how to:

Attract & serve more customers, including people with dietary preferences.

Reduce risk & liability in terms of food safety law & customer complaints or injury to someone with food allergies.

Earn more in revenue & business popularity but also be kind & feel confident.

Food Inclusivity - What's that?

Include those people normally excluded: People looking for plant-based or vegan, gluten-free & of course food allergy & intolerance friendly.

Hosted by Heather:

As a vegan, with allergies myself, & using my extensive experience in food businesses & law enforcement, I feel compelled, responsible & on a mission to speak & educate about food inclusivity.

This course will help you create an impressive, friendly, accurate food allergy disclaimer & show you how to use it, adapt it & update it for future use.

Food Allergies

Disclaimer Explainer

Online Course

What is included?

How to attract & serve more customers with your current concept without increasing risk & liability.

Understand step by step how to please your guests & customers' dietary preferences, make them feel safe & serve them with ease.

It is a self-paced video course, that contains templates, examples, demos & helpful links to make the process of co-creating food allergy disclaimers as easy as possible.

You'll gain a sense of freedom & fairness & increase fun & creativity, for always in any situation involving food.

I plan to make you autonomous & confident in food allergy communication.

There's the option to ask questions, give feedback or make suggestions.

Out-compete your competition by communicating better about your capabilities & limitation in a language your customers understand & enforcement (food inspectors) will approve.

Reduce risk & liability & drastically improve customer service & efficiency, even for those you cannot serve.

Avoid upsetting or injuring customers, guests or your community. Other "side effects" may include, improving SEO, increasing reviews & avoiding complaints & even enhancing organic marketing & free PR opportunities.


Video Course

Assess your current signage, menu information & allergy management

6 modules to lead you through all the considerations of creating an allergy disclaimer (for use on menus, websites, buffets, or store fronts)

Complete a simple questionnaire & have your disclaimer reviewed.

6 Modules


Online video modules with links, examples, exercises & Q&A opportunity throughout.

You'll clearly define your capabilities, communicate that to your customers & potential customers.

These modules show you the simplest ways to reduce risk & liability & to please & serve the most customers possible.

(access 1 year)


Is there is anything requiring further explanation or examples?

There are several places to ask questions. I will respond personally.

Ask for additional resources or for someone to approve your disclaimer(s).

The aim is to be independent of Heather & gain the ability to write food allergy disclaimer in all contexts in future (even if the law changes).


A copy of Heather's book is included (digital flipbook) (value £25)

Discounts on other programs

(if you upgrade to a bigger programme the cost of this programme can be requested back)

Who is this for?

Restaurant & hospitality professionals & consultants.

Considerate people with responsibility for events or food coordination, marketing or communication.

No prior qualifications or experience are required.

People working in the food allergy, gluten-free & vegan niches will benefit from learning this skill.

Curious, open, kind, friendly people who want to provide good customer service & improve safety.

This course is included as a bonus in larger programmes such as Well-Intentioned Foodies or Food Inclusivity Consultants.


Anthea Jackson

Founder of V|EDGE
Vegan Hospitality Consulting
South Africa

“I thoroughly enjoyed the WIF programme. I went from being focused mainly on vegan inclusivity as a hospitality consultant, to feeling confident that I could help anyone in the hospitality industry navigate the issues around allergy management and become a lot more inclusive. Heather is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the content in a really fun way.”

Catherine Sharman

CEO & Founder, Nutritional Therapist, Experienced ChefAprès At Home Ltd
Nationwide UK

"Heather can help literally anyone in the hospitality business.... The experience and attention to detail Heather has is outstanding... She gives us the confidence ..... And this translates to happy and confident customers, to beautiful organic growth as our customers share our passion with their friends…Heather, you are a passionate and dynamic beauty. Thank you ☺️ Catherine"

Dennis Wilson

Founder at DeliveryBizConnect

"Heather has showed us how to add food safety enhancements into our current restaurant sales solutions which help our clients’ to improve food safety systems, ordering accuracy, improving their customer experience, avoid mistakes and reduce risk, particularly when serving dietary preferences such as allergy sufferers.

It’s always interesting discussing solutions to challenges in the restaurant industry with Heather, and to hear her experience-based examples and scenarios."

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